wooden house wooden house- 80cm x 80cm- acryllic on canvas    winter on crammondwinter on crammond avenue- 60cm x 60cm -acryllic on canvas

running the track    running the track at bonnie vale-- 45cm x 45cm- acryllic on canvas

Woronora River
acrylic painted on canvas
size 1200mm x 500mm
This painting was commissioned by a couple living in a house on the Woronora river.  The view from their house across the river was of a perfectly symmetrical white tree close to the waters edge.  Their first idea was to simply duplicate that view.  However after consultation the painting evolved into a version of that view that also included interpretations of their close knit family life, their personal feelings about the river and many details of significance and meaning to them.

children's art

Australian Animals 2005 - Children's painting
by Sam Newstead